Customs clearance

Our company has been acting as a customs agency since 2001 so we welcome our customers - businesses and private persons alike - with a wide range of customs clearance services.

As we have AEO certification, you will enjoy a higher level of safety during customs clearance, as well as priority inspection and faster border crossing during physical examination of goods.

Finally, the process of customs clearance will become clear to you: you can expect less physical and document-based controls, reduce logistics costs, and have a better relationship with customs authorities.


Simplified export customs clearance

Export customs clearance is carried out electronically at our own site, under our own authority, and we can even perform export customs clearance of companies registered in other Member States.


T-document and TIR exemptions– Time savings for the carrier

When the relevant transport vehicle arrives at our site, it will be released immediately after an exchange of electronic messages.


T document guarantee

Launching a T1, T2 transit document with a TC31 or TC32 guarantee certificate.

Public customs warehouse

We undertake the incurring customs duties, and carry out customs clearance.

A public customs warehouse is useful in the following cases:

  1. if the recipient does not intend to use the imported product immediately
  2. if they want to export the goods abroad without paying customs duties


In the above cases, non-Community goods may be stored in a public customs warehouse without the need to pay taxes and duties. Another advantage of the public customs warehouse is that customs clearance is possible in several portions, and customs duties can also be paid in several instalments.

Do you have your own warehouse capacity? Our permit can be extended upon request.


Tax warehouse - to sell VAT-free

Would you like to gain a market advantage over your competitors whose purchases and sales are subject to VAT? With the modern and flexible tax planning procedure of a tax warehouse, you can sell almost all the goods and equipment stored there without VAT and with a customs authority certificate.

Attention! You can only trade in a VAT-manner in a VAT warehouse if you have an EU VAT number.


Temporary storage warehouse - 90 days duty and tax free

Here you can store the shipments received and record them before customs procedures.


Indirect representation – VAT payment assumption

When importing from a third-country, having to pay for not only the tariff but also the VAT - before realising any profit from the transaction - can be burdening for any importing companies. This burden can cause serious liquidity problems for the concerned firms.

These problems are, however, totally evitable nowadays, since the law enables the importers to avoid this whole procedure.

Our partners are always relieved when they learn that we can lift this burden off of their shoulders, because even though it is compulsory to pay the VAT for everyone, with us you are not obliged to complete the payment upon arrival at the border. With us you can wait until the sale of your goods, thus avoiding the liquidity problem and the whole complicated procedure.


You can assign us to issue and authenticate your certificates of origin.

You should not worry about issuing and authenticating certificates of origin (EUR1, EUR-MED, A.TR) under the Free Trade Agreements between the EU and other countries and the Customs Union.