Environmental awareness, sustainable development -  Green logistics

In order to protect our environment, every member of our group of companies places a great emphasis on reducing pollutant emission. To achieve this, we work with the most state-of-the-art means of transport with the lowest pollutant emissions.

In Western European countries, this is a basic requirement, but our subcontractors are also required to use trucks at least equivalent to Euro 4 in all regions, i.e. in the Eastern markets, as well.

Would you also like to reduce the environmental load? If the deadlines, the nature and quantity of the goods allow this, we can also provide a rail transport solution.

To reduce the environmental load, we reduce the number of conversions and empty runs.

Moreover, we believe that by treating waste selectively, printing on recycled paper, using packaging materials sparingly, using "multi-way" pallets and handling our documents electronically, we can show a good example of sustainable development.