International shipping

Our company's services include international road freight, which includes the forwarding of partial loads apart from complete cargos, in the form of groupage transportation.

We perform our road transport and forwarding activities with our own and contracted truck fleet as well as with an extensive and strictly qualified subcontracting background.


Our destination countries:

  • Turkey, Middle East: above all Iraq and Iran
  • Baltic States, Scandinavia: Finland, Estonia, and Denmark
  • Balkan Peninsula: above all Serbia, Bulgaria and Greece
  • Western Europe: above all Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium
  • CIS Member States: above all Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan


Our strategic partners:

  • Azerbaijan: Globalink Logistics Group
  • Bulgaria: Orbit Ltd.
  • Denmark: Neptun Transport
  • Finland: Tschudi Logistics
  • Greece: Orphee Beinoglou S.A.
  • Georgia: Globalink Logistics Group
  • Iraq: Mateen Express
  • Iran: Teen International Transport
  • Jordan: Odeh Naber & Sons Transport Co. (Nabresco)
  • Kazakhstan: Globalink Logistics Group
  • Poland: No Limit SP. Z.O.O.
  • Norway: Tschudi Logistics
  • Russia: Globalink Logistics Group
  • Sweden: MTS Malmö Transport
  • Serbia: Milsped Group
  • Turkey, Middle East: Evolog Logistics
  • Turkmenistan: Globalink Logistics Group

Eastern markets                                                 

As a logistics expert of the Eastern markets, we can fairly say that through our foreign branch offices, our customers can enjoy our complex and competitive logistics solutions. Our strategic partner network covers the following countries: Kazakhstan, Inner Asia, Ukraine, Russia, Turkey and the Arab countries. Our international network combines European norms and ways of thinking with Eastern traditions.

As we have our own fleet, certified subcontractors and XL certified vehicles, you can assign us to perform your high-quality shipments, for which we will provide armed escorts (CIS countries) if needed.

We launch regular groupage freight tours to Turkey and from there to the Caucasus region.

Would you like to send oversized shipments to the CIS states, Turkey and the Arab countries? Of course, we can solve these problems, in fact we can undertake deliveries beyond the Urals, as well.

If you become our partner, you will ascertain our local market knowledge and our extensive network of contacts. We will solve any problem that may arise with the help of our local agency and with up-to-date familiarity of legal changes in each country.

Of course, we also aim at reducing CO2 emissions on the Eastern markets, as well.