Live at Euro-Log


Sailing at Lake Balaton

During our program in Lake Balaton, we had so many various games: we had airsoft shoots, quiz questions about Lake Balaton and we tried how to sail the boat. An especial experience was also the pirate song written by each teams.

After that we swam in the middle of the lake, where in the crystal clear water only our team members were there.The adventurous colleges had the opportunity to fly above the waves in a speedboat with 80 km/hour. During the day we had a delicious grill lunch furthermore we could relax with ice-cold beer, wine and Hungarian pálinka.

Water skiing in Dunavarsány to ring in the summer

Our yearly teambuilding program in June became as fixed point as our Finnish groupage trucks in every Friday. It does not matter if the wind is blowing or the rain is raining: we spend together a whole day with our partners and colleagues to enjoy the blessed effect of the water, sand and sun. We have the opportunity to try water-skiing, SUP and many other water games. The most giant sport fans fight with each other in a monumental beach volleyball match.

Grill party

We organize season opening and season closing grill parties after the long Friday working days. Needless to say, that the grill corner and the cocktail bar is an indispensable part of the event. After the lost calories during Ping-Pong and table tennis we can renew our bodies with the perfectly grilled meats and bacons.

Business trips with junior colleagues

In Euro-Log Group’s view, supporting junior colleagues is always a top priority. That is why we ensure regular opportunity to our young colleges for taking part in foreign partner business visits and foreign negotiations. During these business journeys, our colleagues have the opportunity to use their foreign language high-level skills moreover they can also benefit from their great self-reliance. After these trips, our youngsters always arrive home with many motivating experience and enjoyment.

Santa Claus party

It is obvious for Euro-Log Group’s partners  that we organize every year a monumental Santa Claus event since 2012. The adult guests are always admired by the brilliant view; meanwhile the kids are only focusing not only on Santa, but also on the colourful programmes and on the huge variety of cakes and desserts. Alma Band entertains the youngsters and the adults as well. The children sing, dance, and the band makes an unbelievable atmosphere in the ballroom. The kids welcome Santa Claus and two nice Bogeymen with a wonderful song. Probably every child behaves really well as Santa always gives everyone a gift package full of fruits and desserts. During the afternoon the kids has the opportunity for drawing, making glitter tattoos and face paintings.


Dinner with Danube river cruise

As a result of Euro-Log Group is always focusing on the integration of new colleagues, the atmosphere within the divisions is always great. Our colleagues, who weren’t afraid of the water, went on a boat cruise along the Danube to enjoy the beauty of Budapest and also experienced a delicious dinner.

Table football tournament

After a long working day, we had another fantastic night with Euro-Log colleagues. We organized a huge table football competition, where our colleagues could compete with each other. The groups had both similar table football senses that is why the matches in the Euro-Log’s building were full of intense excitement. At the end of the 3-hour long giant competition, the winner team celebrated with a surprise box of Belgian chocolate, and the rest of the teams celebrated with the taste of the disengaged game.

Taking part regularly in conferences and professional exhibitions

We participate often in professional fairs and conventions as visitor and as lecturer, such as Euro-Log Romania’s managing director, Mrs. Andrea Mosneagu: she was invited as a guest speaker in the Romanian Hungarian Business Association’s conference at Marosvásárhely.

We also took part as a guest visitor in Marriott Hotel in the impressive 25th anniversary of British Chamber of Commerce in Hungary.

We frequently represent our company in Transport Logistic Messe in Munich, where we visit our partners and also keep a two-day networking.


Our team spent an unforgettable day in Slovakia, in the Dunajec River in the colorful environment of Pieniny National Park. We surfed the waves of Dunajec River with kayaks and had an extraordinary experience.




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