Mission - Values

Euro-Log Kft. MISSION

We have been conducting our activities since 1994, as a 100% Hungarian-owned company according to the following values:

People are the greatest asset - Professionalism – Quality– Stability – Development

Outstanding customer service is important to us, so we prepare our foreign language speakers with regular trainings and trainings for professional challenges. Our priorities include quality, professionalism, reliability, flexibility and responsible work.

We can help you conquer Eastern markets outside Europe. You can entrust yourself to us since we are experts in these geographic regions.

Thanks to the continuous improvement of our organizational culture, the measurement and increase of our performance, our company rests on a stable basis.

Our stated goals, the accomplishment of the tasks required to achieve these are all aimed at developing together with you.

Our company is committed to social responsibility and environmental awareness.

As a complex logistics partner, Euro-Log Group has contributed to the success of its clients with tailor-made, value-creating, innovative solutions exceeding clients' expectations thereby ensuring its own and its partners' long-term development.
As a medium-sized company, we rise above the market average with our flexible, reliable, customer-oriented, custom-made product portfolio.


Euro-Log Kft. VALUES

1. People are the greatest assets

  1. We create a work atmosphere which is open and honest, based on mutual respect and professional cooperation.
  2. We are constantly encouraging our staff to share their ideas, opinions and to take initiative.
  3. We keep the balance between our work and our private lives.
  4. We prepare our staff with regular training to meet professional challenges in order to achieve outstanding customer service.
  5. While considering the benefits of teamwork, we ensure the development of individual skills


2. Professionalism

  1. Our partners are served by our professionally highly skilled creative colleagues speaking several languages, thereby enhancing the trust on both our customers' and subcontractors' behalf.
  2. We offer only solutions that we firmly believe to serve our common goals.
  3. Due to the size of our company, only special services can be competitive among logistics service providers, so since the inception of our company we have had a special focus on Eastern markets outside Europe as well.
  4. Professional knowledge and committed work are essential for our customers, especially in the specific geographic regions we are specialized in.


3. Quality

  1. Our work is characterized by flexibility, high standards and reliability.
  2. Our customer relationships are driven by maximum customer satisfaction, based on commonly established guidelines.
  3. We make our commitments in a responsible manner.
  4. Our processes regulated at the necessary level ensure the consistently high quality of our services and the effective work performance of our colleagues.
  5. We take preventive measures to minimize non-compliance.

4. Stability

  1. We strive to conclude long-term contracts based on mutual benefits.
  2. We safeguard our company's profitability and financial security.
  3. Continuous development of our organizational culture, measurement and enhancement of our performance represent one of the most important bases for the long-term stability of our company.
  4. We deliver high-quality service to achieve profit guaranteeing stability and continuous improvement.


5. Development

  1. By providing more than expected in our services, we can strengthen the reputation of Euro-Log Group
  2. In line with market expectations, we are ready to change, keeping constant renewal in mind.
  3. With our quality work, we make our customers satisfied with whom we focus on common development.
  4. Our goals set out in our vision are achieved by setting out and following clear objectives.