Value-added services


As you can count on us in all areas of logistics, we will also offer you services helping you achieve gain in value in merchandise trade.


  • forming unit loads, palletizing, wrapping, shrink wrapping
  • correcting inappropriate packaging and making it suitable for international freight transport
  • repackaging packing units in an import context



  • export packing provided with basic information and identifiers
  • performing consumer protection tasks
  • placing security labels
  • using non-destructive bags to prevent unauthorized access


Order picking

  • creating custom orders from the product range
  • planning regular, scheduled shipments
  • special offers for product groups

Applying safety seals

  • applying security locks on containers, vehicle doors and transport boxes
  • our goal is safe transport and protection of goods in free circulation


Emphasis on the value of your goods

  • We will monitor the specific maximum compensation for carrier liability insurance
  • if necessary, we will conclude a comprehensive complementary merchandise insurance for you, under favourable conditions of course.


Providing favourable ferry tickets booking possibilities

  • Euro-Log Group provides favourable ferry ticket booking possibilities between Estonia and Finland
  • in case of request for quotation, please be so kind to contact our colleagues with confidence


Our solutions with added value:

  • Balkan Peninsula
  • Baltic States, Scandinavia
  • Western and Eastern Europe
  • Turkey, Middle East
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