Euro-Log - Customs clearance and consultancy

Our company has been working as customs agency since 2011 and we are waiting for our clients – companies or private persons - with wide range of customs services. We are AEO certified customs agency and considering our license you can expect higher security during the customs formalities, priority in case of physical customs inspection and faster border crossing. The process of the customs clearance will be visible for You : you can expect less physical and document – based customs inspection, your logistics costs will decrease and your relationship with the customs authority will be managed by your customs expert.

Simplified export clearance

We do the customs clearance electronically at our own premises covered by our own licenses – we can participate in the export customs clearances of the companies registered in another EU country.

T document and TIR termination – saving time for the transport companies

The shipments on the trucks arriving to our premises are released right after the arrival when the electronic termination is completed.

Bonded warehouse

We cover the customs duties and do the customs clearance.

The bonded warehouse is recommended when:

1, the consignee does not want to use the imported goods immediately after the arrival

2, the consignee would like to export the goods to a third country without paying the customs duty


In the above cases the non EU goods can be stored in a bonded warehouse without paying the duty and taxes. The other advantage of the bonded warehouse is the possibility of partial clearance of the shipment, in this way the customs duty can be paid in portions.

Do you have your own warehouse? We can extend our licenses upon request to your warehouse as well.

Temporary bonded warehouse

You can store your goods in the temporary bonded warehouse for 90 days without paying the customs duty and taxes, the customs clearance and the registration of the shipment is done here.

Indirect customs representation - takeover of the VAT payment

It means extraordinary expenses for most of the companies that they have to pay the duty and VAT for the shipment in case of an import from a third country before they would realize an income from the sale of the goods. This procedure presents serious and unnecessary liquidity difficulties and nowadays there is a legal way to avoid it. Our clients hardly believe it when they hear it at first, that there is a legal way to throw out this ballast. Obviously paying the VAT is a must for everyone, but co-operating with our company, You can pay the VAT after the sale of the goods and not right after the arrival.

Order the issue and legalization of the certificate of origin from Euro-Log

We take over the issue and legalization of the necessary certificate of origin (EUR1, EUR-MED, A.TR) according to the requirements of the Free Trade Agreements between the EU and other countries and the requirements of the Customs Union.