Logistics and football?

It is a great honour for us that we not only have the best experts in the logistics field but we also have amazing sportsmen and women.

The carrier of the values – interview with Mr Tamás Dunai in Forbes Hungary

Euro-Log Group’s owner and managing director, Mr Tamás Dunai was asked by Forbes Hungary for an interview, which was an outstanding honour for us.

Adventure tour with the most energetic Euro-Log Team

Last Saturday, Euro-Log’s most active colleagues participated in a tour competition, where they could race with other companies’ team in a picturesque environment for the ”Outdoor Team of the Year” aw...

A painting inspired by our Euro-Log truck

25 years ago when Mr. Tamás Dunai established the Euro-Log Ltd., probably it was his last thought that his company will shown up on an a modern painting created by a Hungarian contemporary painter.